Printer USG Sony UPX898MD

Printer USG Sony UPX898MD – The UP-X898MD is a compact A6 medical grade black and white digital printer that can accept analogue video as well as PC-friendly digital USB signal inputs.

It’s designed to be integrated into a wide range of compatible medical imaging environments such as digital ultrasound systems, mobile C-arms or cardiac catheterisation laboratory. The high quality thermal print engine can produce hard copy prints of still images captured by these systems for use in patient records and referrals. For even greater convenience, printed still images can also be stored to a connected USB flash drive.supplier alat usg untuk sapi, supplier alat usg yang bagus, supplier merk usg yang bagus, supplier mesin usg 2 dimensi, supplier usg thermal printer, distributor alat usg kucing, distributor alat usg laptop, distributor alat usg second, distributor alat usg ternak, distributor jelly untuk usg, distributor probe usg bekas, distributor usg 2d portable, distributor usg 3d portable, distributor usg untuk hewan, jual alat untuk usg jantung, jual alat usg untuk android, jual printer sony untuk usg, jual trolley usg fiberglass, jual usg portable 2 dimensi, supplier alat kesehatan usg, supplier alat usg 2 dimensi, supplier alat usg 3 dimensi, supplier alat usg 4 dimensi, supplier alat usg handphone, supplier alat usg ibu hamil, supplier alat usg kandungan, supplier alat usg kehamilan, supplier alat usg sederhana, supplier kertas printer usg, supplier merk usg 2 dimensi, supplier merk usg 4 dimensi, supplier mesin usg portable, supplier usg portable hewan, distributor alat medis usg, distributor alat untuk usg, distributor alat usg bekas,

(Please note that images printed from the UP-X898MD are not to be used for diagnosis).

The UP-X898MD is a successor to the popular Sony UP-897 series of medical printers. Redesigned and upgraded, it offers several operational and ergonomic enhancements while retaining the same space-saving footprint and easy integration into medical carts. Usability is further enhanced by an enlarged LCD display panel and joystick for intuitive menu navigation.

Capable of delivering high-quality black & white prints in under two seconds. Advanced thermal printing technology delivers near-photo quality results using widely available print media.

  • Wireless Printing Capability

    By using the optional UPA-WU10* Wireless Print System, you can achieve cable-free connection between the UP-991AD, mobile C-arm and other hospital imaging modalities.

    * Product availability of the UPA-WU10 may vary according to the sales area. For more information, please contact your nearest Sony sales office or an authorised dealer.

USG 4D Mindray DC-N3

Alat USG 4D DC-N3 adalah jawaban untuk kebutuhan Anda dari kualitas gambar yang tinggi, fleksibilitas dan keterjangkauanYang terbaik di kelas, DC-N3, benar-benar sebuah redefinisi dasar, memberikan Anda lebih dari sekedar sistem pencitraan USG biasa. Dengan harga yang paling kompetitif dalam industri, itu semua tentang membantu Anda meningkatkan harapan Anda.

Sistem highlights Alat USG 4D DC-N3 :

  1. Kualitas gambar yang luar biasa untuk meningkatkan kepercayaan diagnostik Anda
  2. Berbagai transduser untuk memenuhi persyaratan aplikasi yang berbeda
  3. Kemampuan 4D dengan berbagai mode rendering dan iPage (multi-slice pencitraan)harga usg untuk hewan, jual alat usg abdomen, jual alat usg android, jual alat usg canggih, jual alat usg doppler, jual alat usg jantung, jual alat usg terbaik, jual alat usg terbaru, jual alat usg trans v, jual printer usg merk, jual probe linear usg, jual usg 2d 3d dan 4d, jual usg fetomaternal, supplier alat usg 4 d, supplier mesin usg 4d, supplier usg 3dimensi, supplier usg portable, alat pemeriksaan usg, alat usg untuk bidan, alat usg untuk hewan, alat usg via android, distributor alat usg, distributor usg merk, distributor usg mini, harga alat medis usg, harga alat untuk usg, harga alat usg bekas, harga alat usg bidan, harga alat usg harga, harga alat usg hewan, harga alat usg janin, harga alat usg kecil, harga alat usg liver, harga alat usg rahim, harga merk usg china, harga probe pada usg, harga probe usg ipad, harga usg veterinary, jual alat usg kucing, jual alat usg laptop, jual alat usg second, jual alat usg ternak, jual jelly untuk usg, jual probe usg bekas, jual usg 2d portable, jual usg 3d portable, jual usg untuk hewan, supplier alat usg 2d, supplier alat usg 3d, supplier alat usg 4d,
  4. Auto IMT (Intima-Media Thickness) pengukuran, untuk memberikan analisis karotis handal
  5. TDI (Tissue Doppler imaging) dan Gratis Xros CM untuk diagnosis jantung komprehensif
  6. Fungsi otomatisasi satu-tombol dan paket pengukuran diperpanjang untuk alur kerja yang efisien diagnostik
  7. iPower, iRoam dan kompatibilitas DICOM penuh memberikan Anda dengan keadaan seni konektivitas