USG Mindray DP 30

USG Mindray DP 30 –  Utilizing second harmonics generated from tissue boundary layers, THI significantly enhances contrast resolution and improves image quality especially for technically difficult subjects.

Tissue Specific Imaging optimizes the image quality based on the properties of the tissue being scanned. Four imaging options are available including general, muscle, fluid and fat.

Gain improved image quality based on auto structure detection
• Sharper & Continuous Edges
• Smooth Uniform Tissues
• Cleaner ‘no echo areas’supplier alat usg terbaru, supplier alat usg trans v, supplier printer usg merk, supplier probe linear usg, supplier usg 2d 3d dan 4d, supplier usg fetomaternal, alat usg 4 dimensi china, distributor alat usg 4 d, distributor mesin usg 4d, distributor usg 3dimensi, distributor usg portable, harga alat kesehatan usg, harga alat usg 2 dimensi, harga alat usg 3 dimensi, harga alat usg 4 dimensi, harga alat usg handphone, harga alat usg ibu hamil, harga alat usg kandungan, harga alat usg kehamilan, harga alat usg sederhana, harga kertas printer usg, harga merk usg 2 dimensi, harga merk usg 4 dimensi, harga mesin usg portable, harga usg portable hewan, jual alat kedokteran usg, jual alat usg smartphone, jual alat usg tercanggih, jual alat usg untuk sapi, jual alat usg yang bagus, jual merk usg yang bagus, jual mesin usg 2 dimensi, jual usg thermal printer, supplier alat usg kucing, supplier alat usg laptop, supplier alat usg second, supplier alat usg ternak, supplier jelly untuk usg, supplier probe usg bekas, supplier usg 2d portable, supplier usg 3d portable, supplier usg untuk hewan,

Discover better diagnostic information through extended view of the anatomical structure on all convex and linear probes.

Your tool for deeper biopsy: allowing adjustments to the scan line to gain better visibility of the needle, nerves and small vessels.


Directly transfer images and reports to PC via network cable

Gain instant full screen view on the click of a single key

Mindray’s unique Patient Information Management System allowing you to integrate, review, archive and retrieve patient data effectively

Gain instant auto image optimization in B mode on the click of a single key

• 12.1” LED monitor with 30 degree tilt functionality
• Compact size with two standard transducer connectors
• Lightweight with only 5.3kg

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